Devin Hendricks

Hometown:  Nicholasville, KY

Birthday:  August 15

Degrees/Certification:  CrossFit L-1; BA in Communications; Juris Doctorate

Family:  Husband Lincoln, twin boys John and West and daughter Hallie.

Why you CrossFit:  To stay healthy and to be able to chase (and catch) my kids!

Why you coach CrossFit:  I love helping people discover how strong they really are.

Favorite WOD:  Diane

Least favorite WOD:  Fran

Favorite quote:  "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."  Dr. Seuss

Favorite cheat meal:  Pizza

Something people might not know about you:  I am a huge Harry Potter nerd!


John Richardson

John Richardson

Hometown:  Ocean City, NJ

Birthday:  December 18

Degrees/Certification:  Masters of Health Administration; CrossFit L-1; USAW L1SP

Family:  Wife Andrea, 2 daughters (Reece and Rory)

Why you CrossFit:  It is unequivocally the best way to stay fit and active.  It is a fountain of youth!

Why you coach CrossFit:  I enjoy fitness, and helping people achieve their goals

Favorite WOD:  Anything heavy with a barbell

Least favorite WOD:  Anything without a barbell

Favorite quote:  "If the wind will not serve, take to the oars."  Latin Proverb

Favorite cheat meal:  Something with lots of cheese!

Something people might not know about you:  I was the 300th American in history to run a sub-four minute mile.



Jordan Manley

How long doing CrossFit: Since 2016

How long coaching at 859: Began early 2017

Certifications: CF-L1

Family Members: Wife (Kelly Manley)

Why you CrossFit: Because it is the most physically and mentally rewarding approach to improving my fitness, my mindset, and my life.

Why you coach CrossFit: I want to empower people to actualize their best self through developing elite fitness, a positive mindset and healthy relationships that can last a lifetime.

Favorite movements: DB Snatch and Double Unders

Least favorite movements: Anything with a heavy bar

Favorite WOD: “Murph”

Least favorite WOD: Open workout 16.1

Something you don't know about me: I have a Masters degree in Education and one day might pursue an Educational Doctorate degree.



Kelly Jennings (KJ) – Owner/Head Coach

How long doing CrossFit: Since 2011

How long coaching at 859: Started 859 in 2012

Certifications: CF-L1, CF-L2, Kettlebell

Family: Wife Nakada, twins (Sophie and Riley)

Why you CrossFit: It works better than anything I've ever experienced

Why you coach CrossFit: It has changed my life in dramatic ways and I want to change others.

Favorite Movement(s): Cleans, Handstand Push-Ups

Least Favorite Movement: Double-Unders

Fav. WOD: “Diane”

Least Fav. WOD: “Annie” (Double-Unders)

Something we don’t know about you: I’m a Pastor at Southland Christian Church.  I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis over 10 years ago.



Jenna McVey

How long doing CrossFit: Since 2014

How long coaching at 859: Since November 2018

Certifications: CF-L1

Family members: Furbaby Loki, Boyfriend Miller, Mom Kim who lives in NKY

Why you CrossFit: Fuels my competitive nature, as well as keeps me very humble. There is always something to improve upon and learn. I really enjoy living an active lifestyle.

Why you coach CrossFit: To help others feel better about themselves which helps improve their lives. I want to help others find the passion for becoming the best version of themselves they can be. CrossFit has helped me further the determination I have to become my best self and I want to see others find that.

Favorite Movement(s): Hang cleans, double unders, and toes to bar

Least Favorite Movement: Rope climbs, handstand walks, ring dips, and push ups.

Fav. WOD: Karen or Grace

Least Fav. WOD: Elizabeth or Linda

Something we don’t know about you: I grew up riding horses and competed in 3-Day Eventing before finding CrossFit.


Mandy Lipsett

How long doing CrossFit: since 2017

How long coaching at 859: since September 2018

Certifications: CF-L1, Ace Certified Personal Trainer, Level 1 Precision Nutrition

Family members: Husband Chris, children Keaton, Zander, and Harper

Why you CrossFit: To feel healthy and strong

Why you coach CrossFit: My passion is health and fitness. Coaching CrossFit helps me pass that passion along to others.

Favorite Movement(s): Push jerk

Least Favorite Movement: Deadlift

Fav. WOD: Grace

Least Fav. WOD: Fran

Something we don’t know about you: I lived in England and Germany for a few years. Both of my boys were born in Germany.


Barbara Brewer

How long doing CrossFit: Since 2015

How long coaching at 859: Since September 2018

Certifications: CF-L1 (CF Gymnastics is the next goal)

Family members: Husband Jeremy, daughter Courtney (attending LSU), and daughter Avery (attending SCAPA Bluegrass)

Why you CrossFit: As a former competitive gymnast, CrossFit allows me to utilize the body awareness I spent so many years developing. Through CrossFit I have found a new love for Olympic Weightlifting, and the technical intricacies around it. And chalk. I love chalk.

Why you coach CrossFit: I genuinely believe we are all capable of more than we think. From the youth in our CrossFit and Teens classes, to the retired athletes, to the stay at home moms in our gym, we see physical and emotional victories every day. Having the privilege to be a small part in assisting those victories is incredibly fulfilling.

Favorite Movement(s): Any handstand movement

Least Favorite Movement: Thrusters

Fav. WOD: Diane (21-15-9 handstand pushups and deadlifts)

Least Fav. WOD: Anything with thrusters

Something we don’t know about you: I lived in Melbourne, Australia for half a year in high school, and have a goal to go back soon.


Sarah Spivey

How long doing CrossFit: Since 2013

How long coaching at 859: 1 year

Certifications: CF-L1, Masters in Accounting and Finance

Family members: Taylor (husband), Sutton (daughter), and Davis (son)

Why you CrossFit: I love going to the gym for an hour and leave knowing I’ve become a better version of myself both mentally and physically

Why you coach CrossFit: To help others achieve physical accomplishments they never would have thought possible

Favorite Movement(s): hand-stand push-ups, toes-to-bar

Least Favorite Movement: deadlift

Fav. WOD: any kind of long chipper

Least Fav. WOD: 30 cal bike

Something we don’t know about you: I went to graduate school in London