September 11

9/11 Memorial WOD.

9 movements 11 reps:
Box Jumps - 30/24
Thrusters - 115/75
Burpee Pull-Ups
Cleans - 185/115
Hand Stand Push-Ups
KB Swings - 70/53
Deadlifts - 185/115
Push Jerk - 115/75
2001m Row/Run

Today is a day in which we are called to remember the heroic sacrifice of those involved in the attacks on our nation on September 11, 2001. Although to some a workout may seem like a small way to honor those who gave their lives on this day, it is a gesture in which we remember and honor all those who died on this day and in service to others. It is a way in which we put our brief discomforts aside, using them as a way to honor those who can no longer be with us. It’s a way that as the CrossFit 859 community we can come together and honor some of our nation’s heroes.

We offer special thanks today to our CrossFit 859 family members who currently serve as firemen, policemen, and in our armed services. We are grateful for the service you offer to our community every day.