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Q and A with Kim Zander, CrossFit 859 member and pull-up queen

What made you come to CrossFit 859?

Kim:  My friend Joetta talked me into coming.  What she told me sounded horrible, but I went anyway just to appease her.  I went and still wasn’t quit sure, but then I went a second time and I was hooked.  I’ve always exercised but have gone through phases with what I have done. When my kids were small I walked with them all around our neighborhood, then I got into doing 20-30 mile bike rides with friends, but later decided it was too dangerous and wasn’t good during the winter time.  Then I went through a half-marathon phase, but struggled through injuries, boredom, and I didn’t like to run when the weather was bad.  I also did the gym thing:  treadmill for 30 minutes, lift weights for another 30--I had a set routine but always got the same results.  Then when I started doing CrossFit I noticed my body changing very quickly, developing muscle, and even after doing it for three years, I still get sore and I like that feeling.  It’s not a bad sore, but a good--not the kind where you can’t sit down on the toilet.  It makes me feel like I’ve worked hard when I have a little bit of soreness in my muscles.  Its fun, always different, and there is no guess work, as I’m being told what to do.  Its efficient--I love that I get in and out in an hour, compared to the regular gym where it made me procrastinate because I knew it was going to take me more time than I had.  Now I schedule my life around CrossFit.  It makes me feel good physically, mentally, and just all around better. 


When you first started, was getting a pull-up one of your original goals?

Kim:  No, it just came along.  When I started, I looked around at a lot of my peers in the classes and none of us could do a pull-up.  Everyone was doing some sort of assisted pull-up and I think I started with the purple band, which is the thickest one.  Then I moved down to the medium black and was there for quit a while and slowly but surely, I just got stronger and everything got easier.  I never thought I would do it without a band, it was never really a goal, but then I eventually moved down to the green band which is the smallest.  Then I saw two other women do them without a band and it was at that moment, I thought wait a minute, we all started this about the same time, we’re about roughly the same age, we’re the same height, weight, and they’re doing this and I'm not.  I was still using the band.  That’s the great thing about CrossFit, I was so excited for them, but it made me want to make myself better.  So if they can do it, why can't I?  That’s what led to me trying and then getting my first pull-up.


So to summarize,  you found something you liked, were consistent, worked hard, stayed motivated, and achieved something you early on thought wasn’t possible.

Kim:  Exactly!


Where are you now with your pull-ups?

Kim:  On a good day I can string together 10, and just yesterday the workout had 80 in it and I completed that.


So whats the next goal?

Kim:  I’d love to get a Muscle-up.  I turn 45 next week, so I'm trying to figure out what my next goals are.    

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